Create a professional web site for free in just 3 easy steps!               

No hidden fees. No technical or programming skills needed.

With, building your web site is simple.  All the tools and resources you’ll need are here, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. See a live working example website or click here to get started building your site right away!


Step 1: Choose a template

Start with one of our 170+ free, professionally-designed templates.

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Step 2: Customize your site

Use powerful, yet simple design tools. Build on our custom designed templates: a blog, a business, a music site, a restaurant, a picture gallery and much more. Then make your site just the way you want by changing features such as a menu styles, custom color schemes, custom pictures, fonts and type sizes.

Complete your site with special pages like: Website Registration, Guestbook, Forum, E-shop and many more that you can apply with just "One Click". You can add additional modules at any time: Area Map, RSS reader, Feedback Page or many others. There are 34 main categories and at least 5 sub categories (or more) for each main category. That's over 170 plus website templates to choose from.


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Step 3: Register you website

Then before your 30 day free offer expires just register your website with us. Once registered you will receive unlimited email accounts, your own cPanel, many free features and great 24-7 support at you finger tips.



Everything you need to create a
professional-looking website in minutes!

  • Free web hosting w/free domain name
  • Free templates and easy to use tools
  • Free email accounts
  • Free online support

Each basic hosting package comes with a pre-paid domain name or your choice of a free domain transfer. To check the availability of a NEW free domain name click here or you can transfer your existing domain name and have us host it here all at the same time.

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